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Laird's Applejack

Applejack is a strong alcoholic beverage produced from apples, originating from the American colonial period. It is made by concentrating "hard cider" (as British cider, i.e, fermented apple juice, is called in American usage), either by the traditional method of so-called "freeze distillation", or by true evaporative distillation. The term "applejack" derives "jacking", used as a term for freeze distillation.

From the fermented juice, with less that 10% alcohol content, the concentrated result has about or 30 to 40 percent alcohol (i.e., 60 to 80 proof), is slightly sweet, and tastes and usually smells of apples.

Freeze distilling can concentrate in applejack, to unhealthy levels, certain by-products of fermentation that true distillation reduces; in this light, many countries prohibit such applejack as a health measure.