Appreciating Whisky

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Appreciating Whisky

Appreciating Whisky, The connoisseur's guide to nosing, tasting and enjoying Scotch by Phillip Hills. Copyright 2000. HarperCollins Publishers.

This book does contain some information that would be useful to the home distiller wanting to pick apart the flavor of distilled beverages, however, there are some key problems with this book:

  • This book is too long. It seems like the writer came up with about 30 good pages worth of material, but was told by the publisher that the book needed to be 190 pages long.
  • The sections on how whisky is made are not spectacular and there are many other sources that do a better job explaining whisky production. For a more technical background on Scotch whisky, *Whisky Technology, Production and Marketing is a much better reference.

The conversational style of writing in this book quickly becomes annoying as the reader finds out more personal information about the author would ever care to know All in all, if you there are 3 chapters in this book worth reading: Taste, How Whisky Tastes, and Tasting Whisky. All the other chapters are mainly filler.

ISBN 0-00-472449-6