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This page list out distilling related media - Magazines, podcasts, Youtube, etc. If you have a new item to add to the list post up in this thread Distilling Media Thread or message Single Malt Yinzer.


Distiller Magazine

In print and online - https://distilling.com/distillermagazine/
Produced by American Distilling Institute. Very technical and focused more on the commercial side it's still a great resource for the home crowd.

Artisan Spirit Magazine

In print and online - http://artisanspiritmag.com/current-issue/
Similar to Distiller Magazine - Very technical and focused more on the commercial side it's still a great resource for the home crowd.

Craft Spirits Magazine

In print and online - https://craftspiritsmag.com/category/news/
Produced by the American Craft Spirits Association. General Industry news and articles on members. Some technical articles.

Distilled Magazine

Print only - https://www.distilledmagazine.ca/
Mixture of technical and spirit reviews.


Still Talking

A couple of industry guys talking about the industry and other random stuff. The first couple episodes are rough. After that they cover technical, business and other related items.


Devin Mill's podcast after leaving Distilling Craft. Amazing technical info on all aspects of grains, fermentation, and distilling.

Distilling Craft

Season one by Devin Mills, other season 2 by Colleen Moore. Season 1 is very technical and has great info. Season 2 is just starting.

Distillery Nation

By Ilais Mastrogiannis of Mastrogiannis Distillery. A mixture of technical, business, and interviews.


Still It

Our own Jes2x on his distilling journey. Lots of good stuff, tons of episodes.

Open Source Distilling

OSD is building a fully automated liquid management vodka still running on python code on a Raspberry Pi computer. All code and will be available on his github page.

Barley and Hops

Barley and Hops is retailer. Great instructional videos for beginners.

American Craft Spirits Association

The ACSA's Youtube channel. They've begun "Craft Spirits TV", a series with some educational content as well as news for craft distillers.

Websites & Blogs

Whisky Science

GREAT science based spirits posts. No longer active but the archives are a great read through

Distilled Sunshine

Some really good articles on the science of spirits with lots of links. Some reviews too.

Compound Interest

Not spirits based but has a few science based articles of interest