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Bärenfang or Meschkinnes is a German honey-flavoured liqueur based on vodka. It is usually called Bärenjäger in English-speaking countries.

Bärenfang means “bear trap”; Bärenjäger means “bear hunter”. Meschkinnes, a term mostly used by people from East Prussia, comes from Lithuanian meškinas, meaning “male bear”.

Bärenfang has an alcohol content of 30%–45% ABV (60–90 proof). In Germany, Bärenfang is often made at home since the basic recipe and many variations of it are readily available. Most homemade Bärenfang is based on vodka, but some recipes with a higher alcohol content are based on neutral spirits.

Bärenfang is always made with honey from nectar because honey from honeydew may have a bitter aftertaste.