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Siwucha (pronounce: [ɕivuxa]) is an incompletely rectified vodka (raw vodka) from Poland. The name derives from the siwy (ash grey) color of the liquid produced by the residual fusel oil.

Siwucha is one of the generic Slavic words for a moonshine. In Polish it denotes a a home-brew vodka or rotgut used for its preparation. The Russian term сивуха denotes also its poor quality.

The name was first used as a vodka brand in Warsaw shortly before World War I. It was in production by various distilleries in Poland during the interbellum. After the World War II all distilleries were nationalized and its production was halted. In 1995 the Polmos distillery in Zielona Góra reintroduced it as a way to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the company's foundation.

It is sold in 0.5 liter bottles, corked and sealed with sealing-wax.