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Also known as tails, or aftershots. The final spirit from the spirit still at the end of distillation. The feints are low in alcohol, and are often re-distilled.

Feints can either be blended to varying degrees with the collected hearts of the run to add flavor, or they can be added to the next spirit run of the same recipe.

Feints is the name given to the third fraction of the distillate received from the second distillation in the pot still process. They form the undesirable last runnings of the distillation. They are returned with the foreshots to the spirit still when it is recharged with low wines.

The term is also applied to the first and last runnings from the patent still, in which process they are returned to the wash for re-distillation.

The feints and foreshots from the last distillation are kept for adding to the first low wines of the succeeding run.