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Choosing a Still

There are many types of stills. The type of still you need will largely depend on the type of alcohol you wish to make. Some stills are only appropriate for making neutral grain spirits. rums, brandies, and whiskeys are better made in pot stills. For your first still, you will probably want something that is cheap and easy to make.

Obtaining a still

You have a few options when it comes to acquiring a still. Many find quality stills can be purchased at around the same price it would cost you to build one yourself. There are, of course, advantages to building your own. Building your own still can greatly enhance your knowledge of the distilling process. Any Do-it-yourselfer knows the mastery which new knowledge can bring.

Building a Still

Building your own still will often require some knowledge of metal working. However, these skills are not so esoteric that they cannot be self-taught with a little bit of research and practice. There are several guides online that are of use. Do your research carefull and never be satisfied with visiting one site, as web guides will often leave critical safety precautions out.

The Metal Working Guide in this wiki assumes zero previous knowledge of the metal skills necessary to make a still. Check it out.

  • To make a simple pot still you will need the following items:
    • A pressure cooker
    • A length of copper tubing (around 2 meters/6 feet is good) that fits into one of the pressure cooker's openings
    • A Fan (optional)
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