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The first time you distill, you probably will want to do things as cheaply and as easily as possible. For your first wash there are two really good options:

  • First, you could buy some boxed wine at your local store. The wine should not cost too much and it has the advantage of having an known alcohol content.
  • Second, you could try to ferment your own alcohol. The most simple plan to ferment requires the following things:
    • Water (tap water is fine, filtered is better)
    • White sugar
    • Tomato paste or sauce
    • Yeast (bakers yeast will do fine for your first wash)
    • A fermenter (probably a 5 gallon bucket)
    • A pot
    • An airlock

To make the wash: combine the sugar, tomato paste, and water in a pot and heat to approximately 90°C. Allow the pot to cool to about 20°C , and then throw in the yeast. Stir the solution for a minute or so and transfer the liquid to the fermenter. Attach the airlock and wait a few weeks.

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